Swarm - the anatomy of decisions, 2017

Interactive projection for the theatrical performance of Artus Company

“Art creation is understood primarily as a tool for experiencing the process of (re)cognition at Artus.

We observe, search and share what we have found. This is what we call a performance; - or rather a study this time.

A swarm is a biological mechanism, which shows signs of collective intelligence in behaviour of the whole system, despite the different specific and self-serving behaviours of the individual members of huge living ecosystems (e.g. ants, bees, birds, fish). Such a behavior results in a number of qualities and features, which can be seen as ignominious and enviable to us humans: indulgence, fault tolerance, self-organization, collaboration, self-healing, quick and efficient communication etc.

But how does a swarm work? How does it communicate and make decisions? Is it the individual choices within it or rather the plurality of choices of individuals that moves and directs the swarm community? Can we think of a swarm as a single and uniform living being?

Likewise, can humanity be seen as a complex living being that could be compared to a swarm? Can we consider each individual as a swarm him/herself, comprised of a multitude of micro-organisms, body cells, emotions and thoughts?

After all, when a man makes a decision, who or what makes the decision actually?”