Punchcard Poetry, 2022

Interactive installation that combines punchcards and poetry

“Punchcard Poetry” is an interactive art installation that combines cutting-edge technology with the art of poetry. Using Unreal Engine and MetaHuman, along with the Live Link Face app, we have created a virtual version of the renowned Hungarian poet Sandor Petofi. Sandor Petofi can read the punchcard input and generate a custom poem based on the user’s quiz answers. These quiz questions are related to Petofi’s childhood education at various institutions and aim to provide a unique insight into his early years as a student.

The custom-written poems are created in Petofi’s well-known style and rhythm, ensuring that each poem is not only unique but also evocative of Petofi’s legacy as a renowned Hungarian poet. The technology background of the project includes advanced facial recognition and motion capture with Live Link Face and ARKit, enabling Sandor Petofi to bring the poetry to life with realistic facial expressions and body movements.

Users can interact with the installation by inserting their own punchcards with answers to the quiz questions, leading to a personalized and immersive performance from Sandor Petofi each time. This project aims to showcase the potential of combining art and technology to create a truly engaging experience for viewers while also honoring the legacy of Sandor Petofi and his contributions to literature.

Even Sandor Petofi could have seen punchcards in action during his lifetime, as they were an innovative technology that revolutionized the textile industry in the early 1800s and laid the foundation for future technological advancements.