Amulets & Rituals, 2018

Touchscreen installations for the Ancient Egypt exhibit of the Museum of Fine Arts, Budapest

Interactive touchscreen installations based on Ancient Egyptian history and culture

We were asked to make two interactive touchscreen installations for the permanent Ancient Egypt exhibit of the renovated and reopening Museum of Fine Arts, Budapest to engage visitors and help them learn more about the exhibit in a playful and intuitive manner.

Daily Temple Ritual

This interactive artefact invites visitors to step through the daily temple ritual of the pharaoh based on the rock carvings from the Great Temple Of Amun-Re at Karnak. Ancient images, that show the various scenes of the ritual, unfold on a sandstone-like surface as visitors interact with them.

Daily Amulet

In this piece, visitors are presented with a personality quiz with questions in relation to the history and culture of Ancient Egypt. While, a relevant image and a brief but evocative background story accompany each question to set the tone, visitors go through the questions based on their personal preferences. After completing the quiz, visitors are presented with certain type of Egytian amulet, based on their choices in the quiz, which they can share with themselves or a friend as a high-quality poster via email.