My role was to create the stop motion animation for this project and competition.

A brief summary of the project:

Our aim is to build a know-how on running alternative, open license-based two-phase architectural competitions. Participants of the first phase are required to submit their works under Creative Commons licenses – this allows in the second phase to feel freely inspired by and reuse others’ designs without critical legal restrictions.
We intend to develop a methodology to organize such competitions while examining its sociocultural, economical and political aspects and necessities. As a result we would prepare this methodology so it can be tested later in real life conditions and become a starting point of a open license driven public building processes.


Remix Architecture is a project by KÉK – Hungarian Contemporary Architecture Centre, supported (in part) by a grant from the Creative Commons Corporation.

video credits:

* concept + text: Attila Bujdosó
* design + layout: Bálint Ferenczi
* photo + animation: Gáspár Hajdu

more info: