Koto & Kaori is about a little girl who spends most of her time daydreaming in her garden. It is a physical theatre play involving a peculiar blend of dance and talk. The emphasize the border between reality and the imaginary we were asked to create the visual atmosphere of the piece working together with director/choreographer Csaba Horváth, the performers of Forte Company, András Dés percussionist, and japanese ballet dancers from the Hungarian Dance Academy.

We placed the play in an abstract environment with illuminating mobile stones and responsive video projections. Apart from the stones there are no props, the ambience is set by the projected visuals that react to and resonate with the play and the dancers. The key moments are the following: dance of the japanese acacia trees with falling leaves triggered by motion, The Forest of Arms, Legs and Heads with multiplied body parts and The Speech Shop, in which physical simulation gives life to the words pronounced by the shopkeeper.

Performers: Luca Vati, Kálmán Somody, Maeno Shiori, Mashiko Yumeno, Higuchi Megumi, Árpád Kóti, József Kádas, Máté Andrássy, Katalin Simkó, Borbála Blaskó, Vera Sipos

Concept, screenplay: Nóra Földeáki
Music: András Dés

Visuals: Gáspár Hajdu, Gábor Papp, Melinda Sipos, Zsófia Mocsár
Lighting: Ferenc Payer

Costume: Mari Benedek
Direction, choreography: Csaba Horváth

Supporters: NKA, NEFMI, Trafó House of Contemporary Arts, Japan Foundation

More information: http://www.fortecompany.hu/index.php?lang=en