Briefly about this kitchen Budapest project:

Grandma’s cooking recalls tastes and warm atmosphere of family lunches we spent together, represents strong relationship to family, childhood, ancient times.

The aim of the project is to emphasize the associated thoughts which come with our grandma’s cooking and therefore establish a real-time relationship between her (grandparents) kitchen and our(children, grandchildren) mostly remote living or working space.

With the help of custom made electronics we observe the use of each gas burners. Once a gas burner is turned on, our display on the remote location turns on too and remains lighting until the gas cooker is being used.

When designing the display we were inspired by the image related to the heroic age when gas cookers became widespread in Hungary.

The lighting object not only creates a mental relationship but also helps us taking care of our elderly relatives.

Participating researchers:
Ádám Csörnyei, Bálint Ferenczi, Irma Földényi, Gáspár Hajdu, Péter Puklus, Melinda Sipos