A short description of my thesis work.

In Hungary, intermedia education has been available since 1993. The Faculty of Intermedia is a five year course focusing on artistic usage of new media and on an approach that considers theory and practice, science, technology and art as a unity. Presently, the department is located near Epreskert, in the building of a former nursery. In order to fulfil the actual educational requirements of the department, for my thesis work I have designed a new, flexible building, where the function of different rooms could be changed. The department defines itself as a media research institute of art-technology-science; it observes the surrounding world and, after drawing conclusions, creates a new piece of art. The design of the building tries to express this laboratory-like attitude and analytic approach. The house is outward looking but everything happens inside. The aim was to form an exciting inner world — an environment ideal for creative work. All levels consist of a large studio and service rooms for circulation and public use. All floors can function as individual units.