This project was created for the local Autumn Festival of Museums (Múzeumok Őszi Fesztiválja) guide. Through E8 lab.

The AR (Agmented Reality) layer can be seen on both the guides cover and on large posters.
I was using Layar’s Vision layer technology for execution and Blender for the 3D parts. The animation was also done through the Layar API.

The graphic material and the cover was given.

I have to say that the whole setup and animation work was really cumbersome as Layar uses their own format for 3d, it is like plain .obj so the animation had to be done ‘outside’ through the API – which is also not that user friendly…

For the video documentation special thanks to Akos Nyoszoli and Annamaria Csirmaz.
Music by Recue – Orchard Rd.