This project was created at a special workshop at the university where we were asked to design a small meditation space/pavilion.

At this time I was already familiar with basic MEL scripting and luckily my teammate (who is a civil engineer) was quite good in programing so we ended up with this.

Here is the documentation we wrote back then:

The WAVE WEAVER pavilion is a dynamically changing space created by using the form of a wave. As you walk through, it turns from an open space into a closed pavilion. The wave-shape is formed by randomly placed wooden planks, one after the other.

The whole pavilion is created using scripts in AutoDesk Maya. Using different parameters, various forms can be created according to the use of the pavilion, then the mesh can be optimized onto this form by changing its parameters.

The mesh

Our first created script was able to cope with a regular box.  Using the script on a 2D plane fascinating pictures can be drawn. The next script version was able to work with arbitrary 3D surfaces. The torsion of the elements caused by the double curved surface can be controlled through density and length check.

The wave 

At first a plane was created then modified using a lattice. The wave is created by soft-selecting the lattice points in a row and then rotating the whole selection. As the loop goes on, different stack of points are being selected and rotated by an increasing angle and changing pivot.


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